What Do We Know About Wet Wipes?

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What Do We Know About Wet Wipes?

wet wipes
wet wipes

A wet wipe, moreover known as a wet towel or a moist towelette, disposable wipe, the size is just like a handkerchief in the size of an adult’s palm. That either comes folded and individually wrapped or in the case of dispensers. Wipes have put a role in our daily life and make us feel more convenient.

Wet wipes can not only clean the baby’s butt but also your hands. Please note that I am not saying that cleansing wipes can be used as baby wipes, which I will mention later in the article. Then there comes the next question, what are the classifications of wet wipes?

According to purposes, we have general cleansing wet wipes and hygiene wipes. To go deeper, hygiene wipes are also divided into antibacterial wipes and disinfectant wipes.

Disinfectant wipes(hygiene)

wet wipes
320 wipes

General cleansing wipes

wet wipes
336 wipes

By uses: Baby Wipes, Facial Cleansing Wipes, Pet Wipes, Industrial and Household Wipes; Household wipes can also be divided into Kitchen Wipes, Floor Wipes, Toilet Wipes, and Lens Wipes…

Baby wipes

wet wipes
180 wipes

Facial Cleansing Wipes

wet wipes
90 wipes

Pet Wipes

wet wipes
100 wipes

Industrial Wipes

wet wipes
80 wipes

Toilet Wipes

wet wipes
144 wipes

All the above wipes are popular items sold on the net, I think there is not necessary to list the pros or cons, people know clearly about them. But we do care about some other issues.

Can these different functions of wipes mix together? How about using a cleansing wipe for the baby?

The answer is an absolute NO. Just like cosmetics, the lotions used by adults are definitely different from those used by children, which require gentler ingredients for children, for the same reason, we can’t use cleansing wipes instead baby wipes. But in an emergency, adults use baby wipes to wipe and clean themselves or the surface, which won’t cause too much trouble, anyway, not suggest doing that. Also, we don’t recommend you to use other cleansing wipes on Pets, use Pet wipes on PET, please.

Since we often use wipes, what benefits do they bring to us?

Have no doubt, it’s rather convenient, especially when we are outside. When traveling, or on a vacation, bring wet wipes at hand, which will save much time. Nowadays, more and more women are entering the workplace, they dress up beautifully, confidently, and elegantly. When it comes to business trips, a large number of bottles and jars in the suitcase is a headache, but if we have one pack of facial wipes, a small packet easy to carry, many women friends are full of praise for it.

What does “parent’s choice recall” tell us? What should we do as consumers?

As a consumer, more importantly, as a parent, product safety is crucial, especially for babies. We don’t know the exact reason why parent’s choice was recalled, but it’s a warning, we should pay more attention to choose products for babies and always check if our existing goods are on the recall list at Recalls

About how to choose safe and healthy goods, I have something to say, but it will take some time.

Wet wipes’ environmental impacts

“As well as causing trouble in wastewater systems, wipes can find their way into oceans. Along with other types of plastic pollution, they can cause long-term problems for sea creatures and the marine environment. Wet wipes made up more than 90% of the material causing sewer blockages that Water UK investigated in 2017” ——this text declares to us the environmental problems caused by wet wipes. Europe is always at the forefront of environmental protection, and considering the disadvantage, more and more companies made their way, environmental protectors are calling for the biodegradable wipe.

Bamboo wipes and flushable wet wipes are biodegradable wipes because bamboo and wood pulp are biodegradable materials and can be dissipated in the natural environment within a few months. There is still a long way to go for environmental protection, but at least you can see those measures have been taken to bear fruit.



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