How to Choose a Rug Pattern (2022 Version)

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Rug Pattern

How to Choose a Rug Pattern (2022 Version)


Rug patterns or rug colors, seemingly insignificant soft decorations, play a role in the finishing touch in home life, covering the shortcomings while increasing the temperature of the interior space.

Of course, different home styles, different furniture patterns, and matching rug colors should also be different.

Rug Pattern

We would like to briefly explain the rug pattern matching from three aspects

Dark color rug matching

A dark color rug, more resistant to dirt, with a good match, can also enhance the beauty of the home. Usually, a brown leather sofa, is visually quite textured, the dark brown color rug can match it greatly, together to create a stylish living room.

Rug Pattern
6.5’x10′ Brown color

The dark color rug in the bedroom is also not bad, but also needs the same dark bed to match, which will focus on the gathering. And most importantly, it’s washable erea rug.

Rug Pattern
5’x8′ bungalow rose

Black, gray, brown, and cream are weaved into the grid pattern rug, shades of staggered, light, and dark, to create a stable and deep home space. Dark, textured art furniture, conveys an ineffable sense of power.

Rug Pattern
7’10” x 10′ Rectangle

Plain color rug matching

A plain color rug can brighten up the whole space, with a small fresh rustic decoration style is the best. Blue, beige, white furniture with the plain color rug, natural and elegant.

Rug Pattern
6′ x 8′ Color 1

A plain color rug is very versatile, placed in any corner, with any furniture, can become a scene of its own.

Rug Pattern
5.2′ x 7.5′ Color 09

Blue combination sofa, like the sea to give a home to the tranquility. The rug does not need any flower color, plain sea green rug, quietly good accompaniment.

Rug Pattern
5′ x 7.6′

The dining room rug also presents unexpected beauty.

Rug Pattern
5‘3’‘ x 7’10” Picture Color

The bed painting is complicated enough, the rug balances this complexity well. Multifunction stripe rugs can help you to make a cozy life, you can also use it as a bath rug.

Rug Pattern
2′ x 4.3′ Stripes

Colorful pattern rug matching

As a soft decoration, the rug can also be colorful. The original wood-colored bed, white dressing table, and flower-colored rug together create a sense of the Wizard of Oz, just like being born in a jungle cabin.

Rug Pattern
4′ x 6′ Olive

The Green fabric furnishing, but also the sense of nature to the extreme, with a flower rug, so that the living room into a garden.

Rug Pattern
4’11” x 4’11” Round Green

The pink rug full of girl’s sense, perhaps not accepted by the public, with the nude solid color bed but can inspire romance, looks very high.

Rug Pattern
4′ x 6′ Pink

A solid-colored single sofa, as if falling stars romantic, with an orange leopard rug is the aptest.

Rug Pattern
6’6” x 9’6”

Whether dark rug color, plain rug color, or colorful patterned rug, as long as you know how to match, is beautiful. Above several rugs, which one do you like the most with it? Leave a comment to discuss it with everyone.



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