How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes In 2023?

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baby wipes

How To Choose The Best Baby Wipes In 2023?

Baby Wipes

As for any parent or caregiver, diapers and baby wipes are products that primally should be included in the list of necessities, even when women are first conceived, those are already being carefully selected, the importance of which is obvious. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when choosing products?

As a witness to the production process of different wet wipes, especially baby wipes, and knowing more details about them, I have some views that I would like to share with you.

For a long time, the main raw material of baby wipes is spunlace nonwoven, combined with viscose and polyester, relatively low cost of raw materials, and soft and skin-friendly fabric, which are favored by many consumers. With the improvement of people’s environmental awareness, of course, there is also an increase in the level of consumption, more and more biodegradable materials are also penetrating the market, like cotton, wood pulp, and bamboo fiber, you may see more like “planed based” material.

In addition, not the thicker the fabric is, the better. I believe that many parents who have used baby wipes can understand this feeling very well. The thicker the fabric, the less soft it is, and the rougher it feels. In professional terms, we describe the thickness of the fabric as the gram weight, which means that the higher the value, the thicker the fabric. Of course, you cannot see this value on wet wipes’ wrapping, only the manufacturer and distributor know it. Choosing a middle gram would be advisable.

Except for fabric, chemicals also played a role in baby wipes, for products used on babies, we all hope the fewer ingredients the better. As a parent full of wisdom, do not forget that fragrance is also part of the liquid added ingredients. Choosing a scent-free baby wipe for newborn babies, especially for sensitive babies is recommended. That’s why you can see the following eye-catching description on many advertising pages promoting hypoallergenic baby wipes, “unscented” and “fragrance-free”, the fragrance is a mixture of many components and therefore are more likely to contain allergens.

In spatial design, there is a concept called “less is more”, which is also appropriate in the case of baby wipes. I’m not saying that the fewer sheets in a pack, the better, but the fewer ingredients the better. In addition to basic aqua and cleansers, adding some mild preservatives and moisturizing ingredients is enough. Various other bells and whistles of extracts, additives, and occasionally icing on the cake, may also cause allergies. That’s why Water Wipes are so popular recently.

While many consumers are also very concerned about wipe size and water volume, I don’t want to spend too much energy on them. Quite simply, the regular size is 5.9inx7.8in rectangular, or 6.8inx7.0in close to square, if less than these sizes would be some kind of small, you need to use several at a time to wipe the baby clean. Of course, if you find the same wipes product, the price remains the same, but the size is smaller, no doubt, the product is disguised price increase.

As the saying goes, practice is the only criterion to test the truth, so the market has already tested it for us, so we can use it with confidence.

Pampers sensitive baby wipes

Pampers sensitive baby wipes are so hot if you don’t have enough budget, this one will fit you well.

Baby Wipes


Water wipes

99.99% aqua with a drop of fruit extract, this is the purest wipes we are chasing for, except for the relatively short validity period, impeccable goods to parents.

Baby Wipes

Eco by NATY baby wipes

When it comes to the concept of environmental protection and biodegradability, Eco by NATY wipes are the perfect choice for the environmentalists, not just biodegradable, but compostable within a few weeks, protecting our home planet! A series of professional certificates was added, so we have more confidence in it.

Baby Wipes



Lukada Selectd


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