2024 Newest Magnetic Water Balloons for Your Summer

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2024 Newest Magnetic Water Balloons for Your Summer


What’s fun for this Summer?

When it comes to Summer, what jumped into your mind first? The scorching sun, a glass of ice water, or a cool pool? Today we will introduce a new friend to you, Refillable Water Balloons or you can say Reusable Water Walloons.

First of all, FAQs for Water Balloon

  • What is a water balloon called?

A water balloon or water bomb is a balloon, often made of latex rubber, filled with water. Water balloons are used in a summer pastime of cooling off through water balloon fights.

  • What is the price of water balloons?

It ranges from $8.75 to $38.99, and most importantly, it depends on how many you want.

  • Can you use regular balloons for water balloons?

You can use regular party balloons in place of water balloons, but they may not pop as readily as dedicated water fight balloons. Water balloons tend to be smaller than air and helium balloons, and they are usually made from a thinner material.

  • Are water balloons eco-friendly?

It depends. When it comes to the environment, silicone is highly durable and more ocean-friendly than plastic. Silicone, which is made from silica found in sand, is much longer lasting than plastic in the environment as well as while being used in products.

Then, let’s see Traditional Water Balloons

Since we mentioned water balloons, the traditional style can’t be missed. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it makes you scream and have a lot of joy at the same time. The topic here, is if we just introduce these traditional toys, it makes no sense, the reason for mentioning the traditional water balloons, is because it not only brings us joy but brings us some small troubles.

The cotton material

Cotton Water Balloons

If you don’t dry it quite well, it easily gets mold the next day you reached it. Some complained that the balls’ color die out after immersion. What a terrible thing.

The latex rubber material

Rubber Water Balloons

The need for a water tap to collect water, takes a lot of time to wait, after use everywhere is broken balloon is not easy to clean up and there still could be some environmental impact if burst water balloons are left behind in the wild where animals might ingest them.

So is there a new option for us? To bring fun to us at the same time environmentally friendly. Yes, you do have another choice. The NEW water balloon, you can also say Reusable Water Balloon or Refillable Water Balloon.

The last topic comes to the “Magnetic Water Balloons”

Magnetic Water Balloons Link: Reusable Water Bombs Balloons

Material: Silicone.

Super Safe: Which are lbs, lead, cadmium free. Also, this reusable water balloon had passed CPSIA & ASTM F963 certification in the US.

How to use: Open the water balloon and put it into the water, it will quickly fill with water and self-sealing. It only takes a few seconds to close then you can throw it directly.


【SELF SEALING】Open the water balloons and put them into the water, they will quickly fill with water automatically.

【REUSABLE】Unlike the traditional disposable water balloon, it can be reused without polluting the environment. It can be widely used in various scenarios. Water bombs only need to be stored after use, and they can still be used next time.

【SOFT MATERIAL】The splash balls are made of silicone, so it is quite soft. It will not hurt children during the water fight.

We have to say, it supper for fighting in the Water pool. You can take the ball thrown at you, fill it instantly into your own ammunition, and then counterattack with great speed and get double the pleasure. And when using this product, we deliberately did a test, his material is very soft, close strikes will not be injured, and good protection for small children, so that they play more enjoyable.

What’s more. Where else you can play with Magnetic Water Balloons?

Magnetic Water Balloons

Outdoor activities in kindergarten schools, parent-child activities, family activities, travel beach toys, pool water ballons, beach water polo, and adult pool party gifts.

Some people may say, the cost is not cheap. Well, considering the recycling and you can take out them each summer, it will pay back to you.

Feel free to discuss with us what you think are the best summer activities.


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