Great 7 Educational Toys For Babies Aged 0-6 Months

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Educational Toys

Great 7 Educational Toys For Babies Aged 0-6 Months


For Infants who can’t speak, educational toys are the first step for them to establishing a connection with the world. Therefore, at different stages of baby growth, choosing appropriate educational toys is beneficial to their intellectual development and healthy.

Soothe & Glow Seahorse Educational Toys For Newborn

Educational Toys

Babies of 0-2 months, just out of the package and protection of the womb, are fragile and sensitive, this seahorse toy will make them come down very quickly. It will play soothing music, use different sounds to imitate the womb environment and help sleep so that the baby feels that he is still in the mother’s belly, very safe.

In addition, it Plays 5 minutes of continuous music, including 8 lullabies and classical tunes, easily open and in volume control mode. Just press the seahorse’s belly or give a gentle hug to activate music and lights. This toy is machine-washable (with electronics removed).

Black & White Board Book

Educational Toys

0-6 months is the critical stage of a baby’s visual development, parents should pay special attention to the development of this ability. Newborns easily see contrasting black-and-white patterns. Many doctors recommend parents get black and white cards for their children at this stage to exercise their tracking ability.

This Black & White board book will help you. The pattern is simple and the black-and-white contrast is strong, giving the newborn a visual impact. You can show it to the newborn during tummy time.

Ultra-Light Silicone Pacifier

Educational Toys

Well, a pacifier is not actually an educational toy, but I still need to bring it here, because all parents know how important it is. When the baby in an early age, a nice design, and a safe pacifier can allow infants to self-soothe, an important emotional resilience.

Let’s get back to the product itself, the Tommee Tippee Ultra-Light silicone pacifier is light enough to stay put in in baby’s mouth for longer, so you don’t need to replace it every few minutes. This Ultra-Light pacifier features a symmetrical silicone nipple and with no ‘wrong’ side up, it will always be placed correctly in the baby’s mouth.

100% medical-grade, BPA-free silicone nipple is silky-soft and flexible. There are 4 in a set, enough for a start use.

12″ x 24″ 1/8″ Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Educational Toys

We recommend this mirror for kids from 3-6 months, this time period is when the infants exercise to raise their heads and begin to form self-awareness. Put the mirror next to the infant, so he can easily see himself and his parents by it.

With the size of 24″L x 12″ W, acrylic material, is light and easy to move. Putting in a dressing Room will be a good choice.

Kick & Play Piano Gym Educational Toys

Educational Toys

For new parents, this is a very good hands-free toy. When you are working or cooking, put the baby on the play mat, and he can entertain himself happily. Infant activity gym with 4 ways to play as baby grows: Lay & play, Tummy time, Sit & play, and Take along.

3 Smart Stages learning levels introduce animals, colors, shapes, numbers and real piano notes. Large keyboard with 5 light-up keys, removes for take-along play. This play mat is quite soft and thick, don’t worry your baby will hurt himself/herself, and it is machine-washable.

Colorful Rolling Drum Musical Instrument Toy For Toddlers

Educational Toys

5-6 months are the turning and sitting period, some babies have already started to crawl and are curious about everything around them. During this period of time, parents can hold toys that can make sounds and roll to attract the baby’s attention, let him crawl behind, and exercise the baby’s attention and limb functions.

This colorful drum can easily catch the baby’s attention, when stood, the drum can be beaten, with each colored circle emitting a different sound and triggering a colored light. When rolled, the drum emits dazzling lights and music. It has power saving mode, which automatically activates if left inactive for more than two minutes, ensuring your baby can use the drum for that little bit longer. Suitable for children aged six months and up. Durable and child safe, contains water-based paint, and has non-toxic finishes.

Rock-a-Stack Ring Stacking Toy and Baby’s First Blocks Set

Educational Toys

6 months and above, the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability has made a big leap, he can pay attention to the movement and position of objects, and can choose the visual direction. At this time, the baby’s interest has shifted from hand movements to toys and objects, and he begins to try to reach the objects through the coordination of his eyes and hands. At this time, parents should pay more attention to the baby, and often play some safe games with him to train his new skills and abilities.

We recommend this toy set because it includes 1 stacking ring toy and 1 set of baby blocks. Let the baby recognize different shapes and sizes, and touch them with hands. With continuous learning, they can put objects of the same shape together. Sometimes, babies are smarter than you think.



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