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About us: Lukada Selected is a blog specializing in home & garden, consumer goods, indoor & outdoor, and entertainment industries.

About us

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There are two co-founders, Mike, who has 10 years of experience in home and outdoor product manufacturing and sales, and also has a unique perspective on home decoration and aesthetics. The other, Monica, has been in the daily consumer goods industry for over 7 years and has studied baby products and chemicals in depth.

You can always find the right product in our lists. We offer a full range of products at different prices to meet the needs of different customers. But you can always trust that the products we select are definitely worth the price and quality.

People-Centred, choice the best of best products for you. To bring the best goods for you is our job. We take advantage of our own professional knowledge and hands-on experiments, every detail of our products is carefully studied.

What about us is to achieve your satisfaction with our professionalism.